• Lecture: The Gender Pay Gap
    San Francisco
    Dec 19, 2022, 8:00 PM
    San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, USA
  • 10K Against Breast Cancer
    San Francisco
    Sep 23, 2023, 7:00 PM
    San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Women Engineers Teach Javascript
    San Francisco
    Nov 20, 2023, 9:00 PM
    San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, USA

The Way is a four step course connecting new attenders to the heart and mission of LifeWay church. This team’s purpose is to walk people into the family. To welcome, direct, and connect people into their purpose here.

The mission of the connections team is to create a place where people feel connected, cared for, and welcome! This team communicates Jesus in their smile, handshake, and greeting.

Time spent with the students in Children’s Ministries is an opportunity to get to know them, pour into their lives, and share Jesus’ love. We have opportunities for serving on Sunday morning in Nursery (ages 0-2), Twilia’s Kids (ages 3-5), and Vertical Kids (ages 6 through 6th grade), along with Wednesday Night Life Nursery (ages 0-2), Veggie Kids (ages 3-5), and TruFire Kids Ministry (ages 6 through 6th grade).

Security Team

The mission of the security team is to keep the church safe and protected.

Volunteers sort foods, prepare food bags and solicit food donations in preparation for food pantry day/or pray with recipients, collect guest information, set up and clean up on food pantry day. This team mainly volunteers weekly on Thursdays, but is looking for support other days of the week as well.

This is where it all starts for Junior High and High School students at Life Way! Our meetings are entertaining and include a snack bar, student led worship, prayer and real life challenges from God’s Word which are driven by preaching, creative elements and discussions.

The heart here is to lead others to grow deeper in their relationship with God through singing or playing an instrument. This team leads us weekly into the Throne Room.

The audio, visual, and lighting ministry has an exciting opportunity to serve and support every week. This team’s gift is to help those leading bring the gospel in clarity!

There are times when members of our body and community need a little extra support. Together we can fill their bellies and warm their hearts.

We have a group of people that are unseen and most of the time unheard. We want to be the literal hands and feet of Jesus and go to the shut-ins in our community; bringing them joy through being there and sharing the news of the Gospel.

Celebrate Recovery will help find freedom from hurts, habits, and hang-up's using a biblical program that offers a clear path to the love of Jesus Christ. As grateful believers we meet weekly to show others the power of Jesus Christ through a recovery process.

Here is a chance to impact the community in a powerful way. This team serves the community by putting on community events, and helping members of the church when a need arises.

Serve Teams

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